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We, the people of Human Content, have built a solid knowledge platform, and relish the values we contribute to create with our customers. We wish for many more to enjoy this improvement, and our enthusiasm leads us to deliver trainings, lectures, brainstorming, talks and more. Some examples: Christiania Campus: lectures spring 2016 Master students of […]

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Personality tests

Human Content gives you the best personality test on the market. You get precise, nuanced information that improves the information used to make critical decisions about recruitment, leadership, organisational change and more. We are, of course, fully Big Five.


We help you to indentify the candidate that most likely will succeed in the position, create desired results, and contribute to the organisation reaching its goals.

Leadership evaluation

We help you evaluate your leadership needs to assess what you need and your leaders to assess what you have. With this understanding, you can prioritise activities such as leadership development, recruitment so you resources are focused where they will generate the most value for the organisation.

Leadership development

Human Content can help clarify leadership tasks, and identify each leader's strengths and potential for development. Moving attention to the most essential tasks, and allocate task responsibility with the leader most likely to succeed, increases success and effectiveness.


Thomas Løvenskiold

Thomas Løvenskiold

Partner, CEO

Roger Andersen

Roger Andersen

Partner, IT manager

(Norsk) Vilde Sævdal

(Norsk) Vilde Sævdal

(Norsk) Salgskonsulent

(Norsk) Silje Djuplasti

(Norsk) Silje Djuplasti

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