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Wärtsilä leadership

Human Content has supported the Finnish corporation Wärtsilä since 2010. Wärtsilä operates in the market of marine and energy solutions. Human Content contributions have been to train Wärtsilä HR professionals to use the knowledge, methods and tools that Human Content provides in all their work with people in the organization. Two master theses have now […]

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No – there is no “healthier personality”

A team of eight researchers from the US and Germany claim to have identified a set of positions on personality traits that they name a “healthy personality profile”. I am going to argue that there is no such thing as a generally healthier personality profile, and that the researcher have misunderstood the underlying premises for […]

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Bullshit jobs – a pointless book

We have chosen to write a short warning about “bullshit jobs”, not because it is interesting as such, but because the recent publication of a book by Graeber and subsequent use by speakers at economic conferences and journalists writing newspaper articles may build unwarranted credibility. Also because the existence of pointlessness in many jobs may […]

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Timoney Leadership Institute

We are very proud that Timoney Leadership Institute in Dublin has chosen to integrate the knowledge, methods and tools provided by Human Content in its Advanced Leadership Programme (ALP) starting 2019. Human Content has certified several international coaches, enabling them to use the same foundation of knowledge, methods and tools when they provide individual coaching […]

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Personality tests

Human Content gives you the best personality tests on the market. You get precise, nuanced information that improves the information used to make critical decisions about recruitment, leadership, organisational change and more. We are, of course, fully Big Five.


We help you to indentify the candidate that most likely will succeed in the position, create desired results, and contribute to the organisation reaching its goals.

Leadership evaluation

We help you evaluate your leadership needs and your leaders with the objective to create value. With this understanding, you can prioritise activities such as leadership development and recruitment in order to focus your resources where they will generate the most value for the organisation.

Leadership development

Human Content can help clarify leadership tasks, and identify each leader's strengths and potential for development. Moving attention to the most essential tasks, and allocate task responsibility with the leader most likely to succeed, increases success and effectiveness.


Thomas Løvenskiold

Thomas Løvenskiold

Partner, CEO

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Roger Andersen

Partner, IT manager

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Lena Evensen

Business Development

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