Bullshit jobs – a pointless book


We have chosen to write a short warning about “bullshit jobs”, not because it is interesting as such, but because the recent publication of a book by Graeber and subsequent use by speakers at economic conferences and journalists writing newspaper articles may build unwarranted credibility. Also because the existence of pointlessness in many jobs may be misunderstood as sufficient rationale for Graebers misguided hypotheses.

In his book David Graeber makes claims about the pointlessness of many jobs in todays society. He accuses the rise of meaningless jobs in part to “feudalistic” managers, needing to have more people in their staff to build their power base. He labels the effect “profound psychological violence” and suggests that “citizen salary” is better, as people could choose themselves what to do with their lives.

It does not deserve more consideration, feel free to read the book or the Wiki article about it:


Some journalists echo his sentiments, apparently without digging very much at all:

The Guardian i 2015 og 2018: