The value of finding the right person.


Recruitment is an important strategic activity, and recruitment is a profession. If you use relevant competence, tools and methods when you recruit, you systematically increase the probability to hire the better person (see graph). An alternative is to trust gut feel, lesser competence, methods and tools – and risk to lose out on the potential value creation.

How do we indentify those who most probably will succeed in the position, create value, and contribute to the organization reaching its goals?

To select the right person for the position we first need to understand the position well, attract relevant applicants, and make our final selection using the most relevant sources of information.

  • What shall the employee do to contribute to the organization reaching its objectives?
  • What attributes and competences should the applicant have to increase the probability to succeed and thrive in the position?
  • What do we need to do in order to attract the best possible applicants?
  • What sources of information will help us to identify the best person?

In order to optimize the use of time and resources spent to assess an applicant, collect information about the applicant before the first interview. Our tools and methods effectively makes this information available, providing invaluable support for your assessment.

Big five + g Personality and “general cognitive ability” – “Big Five + g” – is the undisputed preference for occupational psychologists worldwide to assess who most likely will succeed in a given position. In many positions it is also relevant to know if an applicant works swiftly and correctly, for example with numbers or words. All these factors can be assessed with Human Content’s tools.

Tools for screening

If you have a lot of applicants, it is possible to exclude those that do not meet minimum requirements for the position. Such screening tools are short and do not require personal feeback.

Interview support

Information about personality is useful to focus the time spent in the interview setting on the most relevant topics that we need to explore. We recommend that personality assessment and tests are used before the interview to provide optimal support. The results are useful in the interview dialog, and for the final assessment as some of many sources of information.